I write about science and technology, mobility, healthcare and pharma, running, and content strategy. And sometimes zombies.

Healthcare and Pharma Marketing
Data-Driven EverythingDTC Perspectives
Alexa’s HIPAA Compliance Opens New Doors for PharmaOgilvy Health
2019 Social Media Trends for PharmaPharmaVoice
Voice Technology in HealthcareMedAdNews
Medical Conference Presence: Is It Worth It For Your Brand?PharmaVoice
The Role of Data-Driven Marketing for Pharma – Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Hey, Pharma! It’s Time To Get SOCIAL – OCHWW SlideShare
Hey, Pharma! The Social Train Has Left! Get on the Bus!PharmaVoice
Social for HCPs–Is Now the Time?Medical Marketing & Media
ResearchKit: A Medical Research Revolution?Medical Marketing & Media
FDA Draft Guidance on General Wellness Devices: a PrimerMedical Marketing & Media
FDA Social Media Draft Guidance Released June 2014– Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Making Wearable Technology That is Actually Wearable – ogilvydo
The Mobile Healthcare Revolution– Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
How Zombies Are Helping Us Get Fit– Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Digital Healthcare Goes from Geek to Chic – Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
What Can Content Strategy Do For You?PharmaVOICE

Going MobilePharmaVOICE
Multi-Screen is the New Mobile First – Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Is Android Enterprise-Ready? – Mobile Enterprise
The Mobile OS War Heats Up – Mobile Enterprise
Going Green with Mobility – Mobile Enterprise
The Rise of M2M – Mobile Enterprise
The Tablet (R)evolution – Mobile Enterprise
Mobile Devices Are Creating an On-Demand Workforce – Mobile Enterprise
Mobility Threats – Mobile Enterprise
Taming Your Mobile Devices – Mobile Enterprise
Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity – Mobile Enterprise
Looking Into Your Wireless Network – Mobile Enterprise
The Truth About Mobile Phones and Cancer – Mobile Enterprise
A Bright Outlook for Mobility – Mobile Enterprise
A Revolution in Mobility – Mobile Enterprise
The Device Liability Circus – Mobile Enterprise
The Remote Workforce Evolution – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
The Justice Department to AT&T: Just Say No – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Make Mine IL – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
The Social (Mobile) Enterprise? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Enterprise App Stores – The Cure For What Ails You? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
The Death Knell for RIM? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Is Your Next Notebook a Tablet? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation

Science and Technology
The Dream of Composites –R&D Magazine
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Wikipedia: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Mega Grid for Mega ScienceR&D Magazine
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Science Grid This Week
International Science Grid This Week
Safeguarding Against Terror With GC –R&D Magazine
An Expression of Solar Research –R&D Magazine
NMR: An MVP in Spectroscopy –R&D Magazine
Recreating the Lost Science Paradigm –R&D Magazine
Investing in Stem Cell Research –R&D Magazine
One Click Titration –R&D Magazine
OCT:Imaging of the Future –R&D Magazine
A New Tool for Cracking the Genome –R&D Magazine
Analyzing the Universe, One Atom at a Time –R&D Magazine
Mapping Brain Function –R&D Magazine
The World’s Tiniest Nanophotonic Switch –R&D Magazine
Improving Bridge Performance with Finite Element Analysis –R&D Magazine
Advancing Drug Discovery –R&D Magazine
Sizing Up Particles –R&D Magazine
Disease Detectives –R&D Magazine
Sifting Proteins Out of the MuD –R&D Magazine
Genome Campus Grows on All Fronts –R&D Magazine
Eye on Forensic Microscopy –R&D Magazine
Government CEO Roundtable: National Labs Speak Out on the State of Government Research –R&D Magazine
A Strong Future for Independent Research –R&D Magazine

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