I write about science and technology, mobility, healthcare and pharma, running, and content strategy. And sometimes zombies.

Healthcare and Pharma Marketing
Data-Driven EverythingDTC Perspectives
Alexa’s HIPAA Compliance Opens New Doors for PharmaOgilvy Health
2019 Social Media Trends for PharmaPharmaVoice
Voice Technology in HealthcareMedAdNews
Medical Conference Presence: Is It Worth It For Your Brand?PharmaVoice
The Role of Data-Driven Marketing for Pharma – Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Hey, Pharma! It’s Time To Get SOCIAL – OCHWW SlideShare
Hey, Pharma! The Social Train Has Left! Get on the Bus!PharmaVoice
Social for HCPs–Is Now the Time?Medical Marketing & Media
ResearchKit: A Medical Research Revolution?Medical Marketing & Media
FDA Draft Guidance on General Wellness Devices: a PrimerMedical Marketing & Media
FDA Social Media Draft Guidance Released June 2014– Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Making Wearable Technology That is Actually Wearable – ogilvydo
The Mobile Healthcare Revolution– Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
How Zombies Are Helping Us Get Fit– Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Digital Healthcare Goes from Geek to Chic – Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
What Can Content Strategy Do For You?PharmaVOICE

Going MobilePharmaVOICE
Multi-Screen is the New Mobile First – Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Is Android Enterprise-Ready?Mobile Enterprise
The Mobile OS War Heats UpMobile Enterprise
Going Green with MobilityMobile Enterprise
The Rise of M2MMobile Enterprise
The Tablet (R)evolutionMobile Enterprise
Mobile Devices Are Creating an On-Demand WorkforceMobile Enterprise
Mobility ThreatsMobile Enterprise
Taming Your Mobile DevicesMobile Enterprise
Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain ActivityMobile Enterprise
Looking Into Your Wireless NetworkMobile Enterprise
The Truth About Mobile Phones and CancerMobile Enterprise
A Bright Outlook for MobilityMobile Enterprise
A Revolution in MobilityMobile Enterprise
The Device Liability CircusMobile Enterprise
The Remote Workforce Evolution – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
The Justice Department to AT&T: Just Say No – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Make Mine IL – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
The Social (Mobile) Enterprise? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Enterprise App Stores – The Cure For What Ails You? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
The Death Knell for RIM? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Is Your Next Notebook a Tablet? – The Enterprise Mobility Foundation

Science and Technology
The Dream of CompositesR&D Magazine
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Wikipedia: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Mega Grid for Mega ScienceR&D Magazine
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Science Grid This Week
International Science Grid This Week
Safeguarding Against Terror With GCR&D Magazine
An Expression of Solar ResearchR&D Magazine
NMR: An MVP in SpectroscopyR&D Magazine
Recreating the Lost Science ParadigmR&D Magazine
Investing in Stem Cell ResearchR&D Magazine
One Click TitrationR&D Magazine
OCT:Imaging of the FutureR&D Magazine
A New Tool for Cracking the GenomeR&D Magazine
Analyzing the Universe, One Atom at a TimeR&D Magazine
Mapping Brain FunctionR&D Magazine
The World’s Tiniest Nanophotonic SwitchR&D Magazine
Improving Bridge Performance with Finite Element AnalysisR&D Magazine
Advancing Drug DiscoveryR&D Magazine
Sizing Up ParticlesR&D Magazine
Disease DetectivesR&D Magazine
Sifting Proteins Out of the MuDR&D Magazine
Genome Campus Grows on All FrontsR&D Magazine
Eye on Forensic MicroscopyR&D Magazine
Government CEO Roundtable: National Labs Speak Out on the State of Government ResearchR&D Magazine
A Strong Future for Independent ResearchR&D Magazine

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